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In our psychedelically-painted vintage bus you roll past sites important to the history of the Summer of Love and the birth of the hippie era. Retractable window screens occasionally roll down to show a film that connects the past with the present, while a professional actor escorts you on a magical mystery tour of the history, politics, and zeitgeist of the Summer of Love in San Francisco. When it’s over, you will know how one summer in one city on the Left Coast of America helped to change the world.

More important, you’ll have been touched by the feeling of the times.

Magic Bus: It’s not a sightseeing tour- it’s a trip!

Feel yourself transported to 1960s San Francisco aboard Magic Bus for a fun-filled historical San Francisco tour. Sing along to classic tunes with a flower in your hair as you travel through time and space. Tune in: See how the bookstores and coffee houses of the Beatnik generation were a tinderbox for massive social change, as intellectuals and artists took to the road to find the wisdom of the Common Man. Turn on: Cruise Haight-Ashbury, blowing bubbles and spreading the vibes of the Summer of Love through a district where every block witnessed a revolution in music, theater, politics and culture. Drop out: Visit San Francisco’s Chinatown, from which eastern philosophy spread in the 1960s, inspiring hippies to travel the world in search of the wisdom of foreign lands.

Magic Bus San Francisco is a production of Antenna Theater, creators of internationally-acclaimed, site-specific theater for more than 30 years, including the world-famous Alcatraz cellhouse audio tour.


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Saturdays 10:00am & 12:30pm

280 Geary Street, San Francisco, ca

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