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Tideline was founded with Safety, Service, and Sustainability in mind. Our specifically tailored Marine group represents the next way to get around San Francisco Bay.
Tideline Background
The name Tideline comes from the shores of Marin County where our founder, Taylor Lewis, created a unique relationship with this amazing and dynamic area. From an early age, Taylor’s calling has been the sea, and Tideline represents his years of experience traveling the oceans of the world.
Tideline’s on-demand water taxi service is a point to point on call service utilizing the latest communications technology. We will transport our clients from any authorized landing point to any other authorized landing point on San Francisco Bay on a per fare basis (per fare meaning a single charge to a party, the party may consist of one person and up to the legal capacity of the vessel, multiple drop offs or pickups will not be considered one fare). The navigable areas of operation are the San Francisco water front, Richardson Bay, Raccoon Straight, Oakland inner harbor, and Richmond inner harbor.


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